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Installation instructions. Download and run the installation program. New installations will not overwrite the Xsudo settings file or puzzle files from previous installations. The Xsudo-Easy program has been removed and will be eventually replaced with new, easier program.


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Changes and New Features by Version


v2.03 Feb. 14, 2011
Valentine's Day Edition. Fixed a resource overflow condition, DLXAUR:max_footprint, in the BUG/(P)MUG analyzer that caused erronious results.
Also added some feedback when BUGS/PMUGS fail for a specific reason, these appear in the log window, e.g., Non-Mug: open foot print, etc..


May, 1, 2010

Fixed a bug that could cause a program crash if the SHS solver is opened and then closed.

Recommend upgrading to v2.02.


April 14, 2010

Solver: Simplified the options settings by introducing a new option, "Favor smaller logic".

Checked: Logic methods are chosen based on user ordering for logic of the same size.

E.g., user settings decide whether XY-Wing or swordfish comes first BUT swordfish will always come before a Jellyfish or larger.

Unchecked: Logic methods are chosen based on user ordering fro logic of any size. This can sometimes cause odd or cannibalistic logic when selecting looking for lager logic in a grid that has lots of simple moves.

Personally I prefer Favor Smaller Logic checked ON.



April 5, 2010

Fixed problem with user selected ordering of logic.


April 4, 2010

New version 2 of the SHS solver, now contains full user settings for all logic


Mar 30, 2010

Fixed a solver bug where Find in Grid + Apply Path could apply all paths found in the grid.


Mar 28, 2010

Introduced 3-way cut and paste for puzzles. Like Simple Sudolu, 1 grid + 1 or 2 puzzles are be copied to the clipboard. When 3 items are copied, they are:

grid 1 <=> clues (i.e., the original puzzle before any placements

grid 2 <=> clues + placements

grid 3 <=> clues + placements + candidates

Bug: fixed a recently introduced bug the prevented MUGs and pMUGs from working..


Mar 22, 2010

a. The SHS solver now has a menu system for settings.

b. A Favor menu. Favored logic will be included in a puzzle's solution prefferentially over other logic. If you want to find a Purple Cow, check favor Purple Cows.


Mar 11, 2010

a. The morph function will now work in the SHS solver (still testing)

b. S-Wings have been updated according to latest type.


Mar 6, 2010

Bug. under some conditions, permiable MUGs could be flagged as illegal logic. Fixed.

SHS listing of fish now includes base/cover specifications, like, r12345/c12345


Mar 3, 2010

M-Wing 2A and 5B no longer depend of box sets (bug).


Mar 2, 2010

a. M-wing type 2B wrongly identified 4B/3B, fixed

b. Intermittent mouse selection in SHS listing window, fixed.

c. General improvements in SHS options like Favor ALS


Mar 1, 2010

a. SHS Solver ordering of eliminations by length and by type.

b. Added recognition for Strmckr’s S-Wings by type, as defined here.


Feb 23, 2010

Fixed a bug where m-wing type 6A and 6B, or m-ring types A and B might be interchanged.


Feb 20, 2010

A lot of cleanup to the new solver interface and settings.


Feb 18, 2010

New SHS solver features.

a. Added recognition for M-Wings/Rings type designations, as defined in RonK's thread here:

b. Added a “Wings and Rings” checkbox to specifically look for W and M Rings and Wings

c. You can also list all elimination paths for any step in the solution path. Here is an example listing with a breakdown of possible eliminations for step 6 in the solution path.


1. [47.106..] path[2] Hidden Pair, Column.  r12c4<>4, r12c4<>6 

 2. [47.102..] path[2] Skyscraper, Columns.  r1c6<>4, r3c1<>4 

 3. [47.100..] path[2] Skyscraper, Columns, dual-ends.  r1c6<>6, r3c1<>6 

 5. [48.94..] path[2] Finned X-Wing, Rows.  r8c7<>3 

 6. [48.93.r] XY-Wing   => r1c89<>6 -- Find/Apply/Solve?                                   

---- (1)  XY-Wing => r1c89<>6                                 

---- (2)  Discontinuous Nice Loop => r1c9<>6 

---- (3)  One AHS Chain, grouped => r1c9<>6 

---- (4)  Discontinuous Nice Loop => r1c9<>6 

---- (5)  M-Ring, type A => r2c1<>7, r8c2<>6 

---- (6)  ALC2 Column-Box (M-Ring C). => r2c1<>7, r8c2<>6 

---- (7)  M-Ring, type B, grouped => r2c1<>7, r8c2<>6 

---- (8)  M-Ring, type B => r2c1<>7, r8c2<>6 

---- (9)  X-Cycle (loop) => r2c79<>4 

---- (10) X-Chain => r2c79<>4 

---- (11) X-Chain => r2c79<>4

---- (12) M-Wing, type 3B, grouped => r2c7<>6

---- (13) W-Wing, dual-ends => r2c7<>6, r8c6<>6 

---- (14) M-Wing, type 2B, dual-ends => r2c7<>6, r8c6<>6 

---- (15) Discontinuous Nice Loop => r8c2<>6

---- (16) M-Wing, type 4A => r8c6<>6

---- (17) W-Wing => r8c6<>6 

---- (18) ALC2 Box-Column (M-Ring D). => r2c1<>7, r8c2<>6

 7. [48.91.r] path[3] W-Wing, dual-ends.  r2c7<>6, r8c6<>6 

 8. [48.89.r] path[3] M-Wing, type 3A, grouped.  r9c8<>6 

 9. [48.88.r] path[3] X-Cycle (loop).  r2c79<>4 




Feb 14, 2010

a. Restored nrczt paste funtion. Uses the new notation form r1c2{n3 n4) –n1c2{r3 r4}, etc.

b. Added a pibbon paste function for xsudos’ ribbon notation output.

c. Rearanged all options in the SHS solver to be options that are normally off.


Feb 12, 2010

Fixed the nrczt solver, which was doing excess work slowing it down. Also fixed some display issues with the solver listings.


Feb 11, 2010

Re-arranged file menu keystroke commands. Made a number of improvements to the puzzle maker, mostly fixing issues around correct scoring and performance.


Feb 8, 2010

Many minor improvments.

All New Slighty Human Solver, The SHS has been replaced with an all new implimentation. The solver is now faster and includes ribbons and permutations.

Ribbon notation output from Xsudo can now be pasted back into Xsudo.

Eureka notation now has an “add” feature where multiple pieces can be pasted to the same grid where they are logically added.

Note: Subversions 120a – 120d should be replaced with subversion e or above. Subversions prior to e could hang if the solver found more than 5000 elimination paths.


Dec 29, 2009

Last stable version before upgrading the SHS solver.


Dec 27, 2009

 various small changes


Nov 14, 2009

Cut and paste for NRCZT chains and whips

Note: supports the new compact nrctz notation, cells are of the form {n1 n2 n3 ...}r1c1 , n1(r1c1 r2c2 r3c3 ...},  and {r1c1n1 .}, the last used with whips.


Oct 10, 2009

Cleaner drawings - avoids overlapping lines, etc. A no time limit button for the solver


Sept 27, 2009

Context help for the solver window Window scaling, support for small screens < 600 pixels


Sept 21, 2009

-Help pages for Xsudo have been brought up to date

-Solver setting are now permanent, not saved with puzzle.


Sept 12, 2009

v100a has a problem pasting to the clipboard


Sept 12, 2009

First released version



 Other Resources


April 28,2010

S-Wing templates, xsudo file format.

Copy xwingtmp.sud into your <xsudo_install_dir>\puzzle.

The file will then appear in xsudo's file explorer window.