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XSUDO - V2  Sudoku Solver, Logic Editor, and Organizer



What's Unique About XSUDO ?


Xsudo is a graphical solver and logic editor for solving Sudokus and working with any Sudoku logic. The grid and candidates are logically active allowing users to enter and edit almost any Sudoku method or logic. Logic is evaluated automatically while editing.  The editor also works with logic fragments and patterns in addition to complete puzzles, making it easy to study logic.


Xsudo's solver can look for all the logic in each step of a puzzle's solution to build a better solution. The editor and solver are integrated so solver output can be edited and re-applied to a puzzle's solution.


Xsudo calculates a logical solution for any logical entry, showing all possible eliminations, assignments, elimination zones, and logical permutations of the candidates.


The editor has three logic entry modes, a manual mode, an auto mode, and an edit candidates mode that completes the rest of the logic including links. The display on the right shows a large ALS-XY loop being entered in the auto entry mode. Eliminations can appear at each step. (The animation requires Firefox or later versions of IE)









Added Dimension in Solving Sudoku


Sudoku's can be solved in different ways. Filters and users' marks can help when solving without candidates. Candidate filters and automatic candidate marking can help when solving with candidates. Xsudo's unique logic editor extends the use of candidates by allowing them to be logically connected and evaluating the results. 



The Slightly Human Solver - Version 2. Xsudo's solver uses a general purpose search method that can find almost any logic including logic that can't be found by other means, hence the name the Slightly Human Sudoku Solver. The solver is fast allowing it to find more logic. Version 2 includes new features for searching grids and controlling the solution all integrated into a single window for easy access. Any one of three separate logic configurations can by used at any time. Each configuration allows any combination of roughly 250 different logical methods to be selected or favored for inclusion in a solution. Logic can be ordered by group or by individual method within a group.



Editor Window. Xsudo's main window contains the graphical grid display and editor. Both the solver and file explorer can be launched from this window and use its graphical grid display for displaying puzzles and logic. 



Puzzle File Explorer. The Puzzle File Explorer can save and help organize puzzles. It has twin directory trees for viewing two different directories or files. Puzzles, files, and directories can be cut, copied, and pasted within one view or between two views. All puzzles in the explorer can be viewed in Xsudo's graphical grid display.



The Sudoku Methods Library.  Xsudo has a build in library of Sudoku methods accessible using a library explorer. The library can be searched and viewed while solving a puzzle.