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A Quick Look at Xsudo's New Version 2 Solver



The Slightly Human Solver - Version 2. Xsudo's version 2 solver uses a new general purpose search method that can find a wide variety logic. The new version includes additional features for searching grids and controlling solutions, all of which are integrated into a single window. The solver provides 3 user selectable logic configurations with roughly 250 items that can be individually or collectively selected for inclusion in a solution. In addition to being turned on or off, individual items and groups can be favored. Favored items will always be included in the solution when found in a grid. Logic can also be ordered by group or by individual item within a group. A quick description of the features is shown below.




Editor Window. Xsudo's main window contains the graphical grid display and editor. Both the solver and file explorer can be launched from this window and use its graphical grid display for displaying puzzles and logic.