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Partially Locked Triples (degenerate)

Points. Three cells can be partially locked in the intersection of a cell similar to a Locked Triple thus causing eliminations. In some cases, there can be simpler methods that produce the same eliminations.


Partial Locked Triple. The three blue marked cells are locked in box 2. The digit 5 is also locked in row 1. Candidates 4,6, and 8 can be removed from the box, and candidate 5 can also be removed from row 1.

Partial Locked Triple, degenerate. The three blue marked cells are locked in box 5. The digit 2 is also locked in column 5 thus eliminating the red candidate. This pattern degenerates to the locked Candidates method below.

Locked Candidates  In this case the two digit 8s in box 5 become locked candidates in column 6, thus removing the same red digit 8