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Last Updated on May 30, 2010

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What is XSUDO ?


Xsudo is a computer program that integrates a powerful Sudoku solver and a Sudoku logic editor into one. The unique logic editor allows logic to be entered, edited, and evaluated in real time or while solving puzzles. Solution steps from the solver can be edited and re-applied to a puzzle's solution. A general purpose logic engine supports almost all Sudoku methods or any logic possible in a Sudoku grid. Xsudo has many features to make solving Sudoku puzzles fun and enlightening.


  • Clear logic displays in 2D and 3D.
  • A simple mouse based editing environment.
  • Manual and auto-complete logic entry.
  • Many standard features for manual solving.
  • A variety of tools for working with logic.
  • Logic assumptions, including uniqueness.
  • An intuitive puzzle solver.
  • A puzzle file organizer and visual explorer.
  • Built in internet links for every puzzle.
  • Extensive cut and paste for data exchange.
  • Png image and thumbnail output.
  • Built in help, tutorials, and reference library

Features, including Version 2


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Brief Introduction to Sudoku

Introduction to Sudoku Methods

 Using Xsudo

Examples Library

Other Resources


Sudopedia: A free Sudoku reference guide.

Sudoku Programmer's Forum: Sudoku programming.

The New Sudoku Players Forum A premier Sudoku site.


Contact SudokuOne send an email to  mail@sudokuone

: The Players Forum at sudoku.com has been moved to forum.enjoysudoku.com and renamed The New Sudoku Players Forum.

A General Logic

for Sudoku


What is General Logic?


Different kinds of logic and reasoning are used for solving Sudoku  such as if this then that, chains of implications, pattern matching, etc. However, all methods must abide by the basic rules of Sudoku, which are defined in terms of its rows, columns, boxes, and cells. General logic is a way of reasoning based on these rows, columns, boxes, and cells.


The basic ideas of general logic are not new and are used in several Sudoku methods such as fish, naked/hidden multiples, etc. General logic is an extension of these ideas that covers a wide range of Sudoku methods.


General Logic for Sudoku


 Logic Examples


A Short Summary

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